Understanding Trip Support by Flightworx

Overflying permits. Fuel purchasing. Slot allocation. Flight planning. Ground handling company hiring. Over the years, the process of flying has become more and more complex, bureaucratic and thus inherently more expensive.

To simplify the difficulties of such a captivating sector, trip support companies have been developed and have successfully navigated these challenging circumstances on a routine basis. However, not all trip support companies offer the same value. 

Simplifying the Flight Planning Process

In a nutshell, a trip support company is an ally for aircraft operators that want to simplify the flight planning process. These companies can work with multiple operators, from the smallest private turboprop owner to the largest international airline, all at the same time, while focusing exclusively on the planning aspect of flying.

This brings large economies of scale that brings lower prices, which can save the end customer money. Instead of hiring specialized personnel on planning, for instance, having a full-time trip support partner may be a big advantage for an airline, cost-wise.

Using Technology to Create a Seamless Experience

Apart from the cost side of the equation, however, why is trip support relevant and why does it even exist in an era where many things can be made automated by technology?

In reality, trip support businesses do more than file paperwork dealing with static air charts and NOTAMs. The world of aviation is constantly changing, from weather to aeronautical regulations to the fuel prices. To make sure planes land safely and on-time, a trip support company needs as much human knowledge as possible.

Having extensive experience with providers across the globe, trip support companies develop a strong understanding of how to most efficiently ensure a flight is able to take off and land as scheduled. 

Trip support businesses also collaborate with specific operators to drive down costs further. British company Flightworx, for instance, has its own database of fuel suppliers all over the world. This tool provides airlines and aircraft owners alike key information to help in the decision process of determining where to depart, land and refuel. 

Personalizing the Travel Experience

Some trip supporters even go beyond the act of flying itself in order to maximize the personalization of travelling. Flightworx has its own concierge branch, Travelworx, in order to accommodate whatever the operator needs before and after heading to the airport, such as transferring or finding hotel rooms. 

Indeed, even more specific concierge needs like obtaining a visa, personalized catering and even booking commercial flights – apart from the aircraft which Flightworx serves — are possible through this company. What they consider important is having whatever the client needs in hands. Most importantly, all of these facilities are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Bottom Line

Aviation is a complicated industry, period. However, as a mobility mean, it cannot stop at any given time. Thankfully, trip support businesses can help make travel work as smoothly as possible.

Trip support companies like Flightworx bring efficiency to a whole new level; and in a world which gets more competitive day by day, having an efficient flight operation, with planning centralized at one experienced company, can make the difference between losing money and profiting.


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