Aviation Security

At Flightworx, we believe absolutely everyone should be as safe as possible when travelling via aircraft. Whether it’s a private jet, a chartered aircraft or a commercial airline, aviation security is paramount. Here at Flightworx, we use the best human and technological capabilities in order to provide the very highest standard of security possible. With this, we do our best to understand and of course mitigate the threats to not only passengers but also crew and the aircraft itself.

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Aviation Risk Assessment Tool

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With threats to aviation growing year on year, along with all associated rising costs, up to date aviation security risk assessments and subsequent security programs have never been so important. As a result of this, we take a comprehensive approach, assessing risk for not just the entirety of the flight i.e. the country you’re departing from, flying over and landing in, but the airports you’ll be using as well.

While the aircraft operator is responsible for ensuring the safety of their flight operations we will always do all that we can to help you make informed decisions. Our comprehensive airport, country and flight reports will help you to determine the level of risk associated with your flight. They are updated frequently and the date/time stamps confirm you have the most up to date information.

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Private and Commercial Operators

If you are operating privately you aren’t subjected to the same stringent regulations as commercial operators however, the Civil Aviation Authority are pushing for private operators to evidence a higher level of compliance for their flights. This involves being able to prove that risk assessments are being carried out prior to your flights and that it is appropriately documented.

Aviation security and safety compliance for commercial operators is attracting a lot of attention and we can help to ensure you are adequately prepared for a Civil Aviation Authority audit or an on-board inspection. It might be that you require us to include a checklist in every flight pack to be completed by the crew, or you need us to include a series of flight risk assessment reports in your flight pack to ensure the crew are aware of any restrictions or extra measures they need to take en-route. It is important that you have all the necessary documentation on board the aircraft should you be subjected to a ramp check or inspection during your trip.

Our priority is making sure you are informed of and updated on any security issues that directly affect your daily flight operations. We proactively monitor situations on your behalf, and if we determine that your planned route needs to be reviewed we will suggest an alternative routing that is safer and more suitable. We adhere to the guidelines provided by GASeP (ICAO Global Aviation Security Plan) and the Civil Aviation Authority Security Management Systems (SEMS) which in turn encompass ICAO Annex 17.

We have you covered with the best flight risk analysis tools and dedicated teams focused on your security and safety. For more information on our airline security services and a no-obligation quote, contact us today.