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Did you know up to 80% of the running costs of owning an aircraft are taken up by fuel? That’s a significant cost for anyone, whether you’re operating a helicopter, a small private aircraft or even a commercial airliner. That’s why, here at Fuelworx, we work with large branded aviation fuel providers as well as smaller, independent suppliers to ensure you get all of the available options at the best price possible.

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Our online fuel portal was created with your convenience in mind. It gives you instant access to our pricing at any time of day, anywhere in the world with a simple click of a button. With this advanced new portal, as long as you have access to the internet, a computer or smart device, you can generate a quote instantly. All quotations will be archived and available to you online for future reference, making your invoicing and price reconciliations easier too.

You can even request a fuel release directly through the portal. The system will send your request to us for processing and we will email the fuel release to you as soon as we have received it. These documents are also archived so you can refer to them at a later date.

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Aviation Fuel Procurement

We are able to supply JET-A1, the most common type of aircraft fuel, via our network of over 100 different fuel suppliers worldwide. No matter what type of aviation fuel you require, we can help source it at a competitive price including AVGAS, which can often prove difficult to locate.

Our aim is to do your fuel shopping for you. Within that service, we compare all prices available at the time, in any given location and present you with the best options. Thanks to our incredible buying power within the market of aviation fuel, you can rest assured that the prices you receive, will be competitive and accurate.

While we understand that pricing is important, with even half a cent per gallon making a huge difference to the total cost, we also understand that convenience is hugely important too. When in search of the best aviation fuel price, we’ll also consider where the aircraft will be parked and which Into Plane Agent is better positioned on the airfield to assist.

For example, while a commercial ramp fueler may offer the best price, they could cause unnecessary delays due to their location and the length of time it would take for them to reach your aircraft. You can relax knowing that we factor in every possible aspect to ensure you get the best price in the most efficient and convenient manner. That means you receive fuel without experiencing any delay to your estimated time of departure.

With no preferred suppliers, we act as a non-biased reseller. You can rest assured you’re getting the very best prices without any obligation to use a ‘preferred supplier’.

Aviation Fuel Management Program

Our Fuel Management Program is there to make life as easy as possible for you. By authorising us to have access to your own pricing data, we’re able to shop around and arrange fuel on your behalf. This enables us to request fuel via your own network of suppliers if your pricing is more competitive than what we are able to offer.

This kind of transparency between Fuelworx and yourself gives you peace of mind to know that you’re always receiving the best value for money, every single time. It also means you don’t need to worry about the time consuming task of organising your own refuelling or even comparing different prices ever again. You’ll have the full support of our fuel team who will be ready to search for the best aviation fuel price for your flight, saving you not only time but money too.

Fuelworx Fuel Management
Fuelworx VAT

VAT Exemptions

It’s also worth noting that for commercial operators, we can offer VAT exempt aviation fuel, please speak to one of the team to find out how you can benefit from this service.

When you order aviation fuel from Fuelworx, you can rest assured you’ll be receiving the best prices possible along with the most conveniently located fuel suppliers, especially when time is of the essence. 

The point being, all you need to do is request where and when you’d like to refuel. Everything else, you can leave in our capable hands as we take care of everything. Think less stress and less hassle as we address prices, schedules and everything in between.

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