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Charter Support Services

There are many areas to look at when chartering aircraft for cargo use. Flight operations, cargo logistics, ground handling, and crew support all need to be taken care of. With the right support in place, chartering for cargo can deliver the benefits it is meant to. 

The cargo market is challenging at the moment. The pandemic has disrupted supply chains, caused huge uncertainty in availability and deliveries, and sent rates to all-time highs. It has never been more important to ensure you are on top of the changes, and able to respond no matter what comes up next.

Whatever your cargo needs, and whatever aircraft is chartered, Flightworx can support you with flexible, cost-effective, and wide-ranging flight management support.

Cargo Charter Solutions

Flighworx can offer a full range of support services for any cargo aircraft charter, covering all areas of ground and flight management. This includes ground handling services for aircraft or cargo, flight planning and permits, fuel management, and crew logistics.

We can work with all types of charter operators and all types of cargo. This extends to more specialized areas too, such as time-critical cargo, humanitarian aid, heavy and oversized cargo, and onboard courier services. 

Hiring a management company to oversee cargo charter is an excellent choice for many companies. This allows you to focus on managing your business and cargo needs, while leaving administration and logistics in capable, professional hands. It also brings access to expertise in key areas that you may not cover in-house.

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Providing expertise in all areas of cargo charter management

Services cover all management and logistics areas of charter cargo operations – and are fully flexible. These can be offered as a full 360 management package or tailor-made to work alongside your own operational setup. Naturally, services can be added or called upon when needed – perfect for complex or changing operations. 

At Flightworx, we offer support to airlines and charterers of all types. We are very aware of the additional logistical needs for cargo and have the skills and experience in-house to support this. 

This support is, of course, available globally. We have a wide network of supportive cargo operations advisors who can handle your requirements wherever they occur.

We aim to offer cost-effective service in all areas – from more efficient cargo logistics to obtaining the best fuel prices. Many of our clients have found that outsourcing to Flightworx for full 24/7 support is cheaper than employing their own staff to work 24/7.

Coping with changing conditions

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen well-developed capacity options, supply chains, and logistics thrown into turmoil. Prices have risen dramatically, and there has been frequently shifting uncertainly in availability and delivery times. Delays in sea shipping have been terrible, and air has seen similar with congested terminals and onward transport difficulties. The use of charters has picked up in response.

The pandemic, and its consequences for cargo and chartering, are far from over. The next challenges too are far from certain. As a flight management company, we have plenty of experience dealing with changing situations, whatever they may be. Changing routes, seeking better prices, or dealing with sudden disruption are all part of the services we offer.

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