Business Aviation Guide: Dubai

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Arguably one the Middle East’s most thriving cities, Dubai serves as the main
economic hub of the United Arab Emirates. While the Dubai International Airport has
become a synonym of the city itself, the bustling city has other options if you want to
travel via private aircraft.

Whatever your needs or preferences are when visiting the UAE, counting on a flight
planning provider is essential in ensuring a pleasant, hassle free trip.

Dubai International: The Main Gateway to Dubai

As mentioned, the first option that comes to mind upon landing in Dubai is Dubai
International Airport (DXB/OMDB). As the hub for Emirates and the world’s busiest
airport in terms of international traffic, the airport has a huge structure for private

This structure begins with Al Majlis, an exclusive terminal for private operations, and
goes all the way through several fixed-based operators (FBOs). The airport has a vast
array for all ranges of services, including maintenance bases and charter operators.

In addition, among the airports that serve Dubai, DXB is the closest to the city itself.
Being located inside the urban area, a 15-minute ride on the Metro or via cab to the
Downtown Dubai district.

Dubai International itself operates 24/7, an amazing feat given the amount of other
global airports with heavy evening flight restrictions. However, the large presence of
Emirates, as well as of its fellow codeshare partner Flydubai, brings the capacity to
critical restrictions during the three daily hub waves. This makes it all the more
important to plan travel in advance to ensure timing will not be an issue.

Dubai World Central: A Less Constrained Alternative to DXB

If slot constraints and thus a reduced flexibility is a no-go issue for you, Dubai’s
secondary airport may be a better option. Located in the southern part of the emirate,
Dubai World Central/Al-Maktoum International (DWC/OMDW) is part of an ambitious
project to be a new mega-hub in the future.

While the plans remain mostly on the paper, this is the airport that really drives the bulk
of business aviation operations in Dubai. For this particular reason, Dubai World
Central has also several FBO options – some of which also operate at Dubai
International Airport, including both ExecuJet and Jet Aviation.

While the greater flexibility of slots is what makes Dubai World Central an interesting
alternative compared to Dubai International, this is the farthest airport from the heart of
the emirate. By car, the trip from Al Maktoum to Downtown Dubai district takes around
40 minutes.

Sharjah: A Nearer, Less Crowded Option

There is a third option, however, which is closer to Dubai than Dubai World Central.
Despite being located within the adjacent and namesake emirate, Sharjah International
is around 30 minutes from Downtown Dubai by car, being located relatively near
Dubai’s main airport.

The airport is served by global FBO services company Gama Aviation, which operates
its own VIP terminal at Sharjah. Additionally, despite being a hub for low-cost carrier Air

Arabia, the airport has no slot restrictions, which is a huge advantage over Dubai

Bottom Line

Whether you prefer the convenience and facilities of Dubai International or the flexibility
of Sharjah and Dubai World Central, having a flight planning company like Flightworx is
a must for your trip. This ensure you can worry less about your flight and more about
your time in Dubai, whether that be for business meetings or exploring the rapidly
growing city.


Feel free to contact our team here at Flightworx today for advice on flight planning and aviation fuel supply.

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