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Poland - PNR Data

7th January 2019

Please be advised that according to the PNR Act, the air carrier is obliged to provide PNR data to the PIU, however this data may be transferred directly by the carrier or another entity designated by it.

However, we note that the air carrier is responsible for the process, manner and timeliness of PNR data transfer to JIP.

Please be advised that there are 2 ways to provide PNR data:

1. If an air carrier has a reservation system and appropriate infrastructure to handle the protocols and data formats specified in the executive regulations it can transfer PNR data directly to PIU.

2. If an air carrier does not have the a/m system and infrastructure then it has to sign an agreement with the  Commander in Chief of the Border Guard concerning the types of electronic communication by which PNR data will be transferred to PIU and the method of their security. In order to gain access to the "Air Carriers Portal", which is such a means of electronic communication, the Commander in Chief of the Border Guard should be contacted with an offer to conclude an agreement on this matter.


Please be informed that the templates of documents and information materials regarding the obligations of air carriers resulting from PNR Act, have been placed on the Public Information Bulletin of the Border Guard Headquarters in the Passenger Name Record overlap http://www.bip.kgsg.strazgraniczna.pl/s01/passenger-name-record/12410,Passenger-Name-Record-PNR.html

- All documents need to be submitted in Polish.


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