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  • The FEBE – For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs – Growth 100 recognises and ranks the UK’s fastest growing private businesses with founders still actively involved
  • Flightworx Aviation based near London Stansted today announces they are part of this prestigious list
  • Businesses must have sales between £3m and £200m, trading for at least three years and have turned an operating profit in the latest financial year to make it into the top 100
  • London (26%), South East (13%), Yorkshire (11%) and Scotland (9%) top the list regionally of where companies are based

Britain’s fastest-growing, founder-led private companies have been revealed today in the FEBE Growth 100. And Flightworx Aviation has made the prestigious line up.

The Growth 100 celebrates British business at its best – highlighting founders that are driving their companies to deliver significant sales, revenue and profit, against a backdrop of unprecedented economic challenges.

Flightworx Aviation provides a full 24/7/365 solution for all operator types from light aircraft right up to heavy cargo jets. Services can be tailored specifically to each client’s requirement – one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Flightworx Aviation are always expanding their client offerings and have recently increased capacity in their Crewing and Rostering department as well as their Planning and OCC departments.

The FEBE Growth 100 list shows a spread of entrepreneurial success throughout the UK including 26 companies in London; 13 companies in the South East; 11 in Yorkshire, 9 in Scotland and 8 in the East Midlands. Women are founders or co-founders of nearly a third of all winning companies with the exact ratio of men to women founders standing at  68% to 32%.

The full 100 ranking can be viewed at

To be on the list businesses must be UK registered, independent and unquoted, meeting the following criteria:

  • Sales between £3m and £200m
  • Trading for at least three years
  • An operating profit in the latest financial year
  • Founder(s) must still be involved

The ultimate ranking of 100 was data-driven, with companies ordered by compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in sales over the last three financial years. Businesses were initially selected by either nominating themselves or through FEBE contacting them directly, as well as by accessing publicly available financial information.

Commenting on the announcement, Chris Anderson Jones, Co-owner and Director said: “We are very humbled by the recognition, and on our 15 year anniversary too! It is through the sheer hard work and determination of every member of the Flightworx team, and we thank both our customers and staff for their ongoing support.”

Commenting on the FEBE Growth 100 List, FEBE founder Charlotte Quince, said: “We’re so excited to publish this year’s Growth 100. So many people think that business founders just ‘get lucky’ or think of an idea one day and are successful the next. But we know that the journey to success is anything but smooth. The Growth 100 celebrates those who have embraced the entrepreneurial roller coaster and who are now thriving as some of the fastest growing brands in the country.”

For Further Information

For further information
Jennette Bentley
Flightworx Aviation Ltd
Telephone: +44 (0)1279 668029 

About Flightworx

Flightworx offers complete worldwide flight support solutions for private, commercial and specialist operators. We present efficient, smart solutions that save operators money and get the job done safely, on time, every time, with 24-hour flight operations, private aircraft and rotary wing management, and regulatory and compliance solutions.

Our neutral and independent fuel comparison and procurement service Flightworx Fuel, negotiates best- in-class prices for JET A1 and AVGAS. Our ATOL-protected, 24-hour travel agency Travelworx accesses competitive prices for all aspects of travel, from hotels and ground transport to concierge services, for your passengers and crew.

No matter your operation’s scale, aircraft type, mission or destination, we have it covered.

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Twitter: @Flightworx
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If you are struggling with flight support or any of its complexities, feel free to contact our team today for more information.

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