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Italy - ATC Strike

7th January 2019

There will be National ATC Industrial Action on 11th January 2019 from 1200 to 1600 UTC.

There will also be a number of local strikes at ACC and airport level - LIMF, LIML, LIMJ, LIRZ, LIBP and LICC.

All of these strikes are embedded in the National one.


Notams below refer to specific locations:

  • Italy A0105/19
  • Brindisi ACC A0108/19
  • Milano ACC A0106/19
  • Roma ACC A0107/19
  • LIMF A0104/19
  • LIML A0103/19
  • LIMJ A0102/19
  • LIRZ B0093/19
  • LIBP B0092/19
  • LICC B0091/19



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