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Ukraine route closures - message to all Airspace Users

    31st March 2014

    Eurocontrol is strictly following ICAO Convention on International Civil Aviation and will not recognise any unilateral declaration of air navigation service provision over any part of Ukrainian airspace other than from the Ukrainian authority. 

    A number of routes are closed WIE-UFN as well as UKFF (Simferopol) and UKFB (Sevastopol) airports. 

    The Network Manager will: 

    - reject all FPLs filed via the closed routes and all FPLs dep/dest UKFF and UKFB according to the following NOTAMs issued by the Ukrainian Authorities. 


    UKFF (Simferopol)
    A/D is closed due to technical reason until further notice.
    Please refer to NOTAM A0482/14 and NOTAM A0540/14

    UKFB (Sevastopol)
    A/D is closed to civil aviation aircrafts until further notice.
    Please refer to NOTAM A0376/14.

    Route closures: 

    Please refer to the following NOTAMs.
    A0524/14A0506/14A0511/14A0513/14, A0515/14

    The Network Manager will also: 

    - inform, coordinate with and support aircraft operators with rerouteing suggestions within IFPS zone avoiding the closed routes (pls contact NMOC IFPU), and 
    - coordinate with Ukrainian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Turkish ACCs in order to mitigate possible impact of disrupted traffic flows. 

    Please note also that Simferopol sector 1 and 2 are now managed by UKDV and sectors 3 4 5 by UKOV. 

    Please refer to the following NOTAMs:
    A0391/14; A0392/14; A0393/14; A0394/14; A0395/14 and A0396/14.

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