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LFMM FIR: ATC Strike - 26-28th May 2018

25th May 2018

Local industrial action will be held by the en route ATC centre in charge of the FIR named LFMM (south east France).

Start: 26th May @ 0430z

End: 28th May @ 0430z

Available staff will be assign to the management of the FIR LFMM in order not to penalise traffic into Nice, LFMN.

The strike will have no impact on airport activity in Nice but it is recommended that operations in or out should be done without going through the LFMM airspace.


Alternative routes through Italian airspace are recommended:

Flying to LFMN : arrive via MILAN ACC and then BORDI and LFMN Airport.

Departing from LFMN : depart from LFMN Airport via BASIP and then MILAN ACC.

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