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10th October 2018

In response to the attack on 22.09.2018 at a military parade in Ahwaz / Iran the village Hajin in Syria (34 ° 41'12''N 40 ° 50'5''E) was attacked on 30.09.2018 between 22.42 and 22.57UTC with Short Range Ballistic Missiles (SRBM).

The village is still considered a stronghold of the so-called Islamic State (IS) in Syria. The IS had previously known about the attack in Ahwaz, which was reported openly reporting 25 casualties.

During the attack, a total of 8 ballistic missiles were used, the combat ranges of the weapon systems used is between 380 and 405NM. The launchers were in Iran, about 230NM southwest of Tehran. The crash of a missile in the Iran / Iraq border area cannot be confirmed at present.

The missiles were launched within the FIR Tehran, crossed the FIR Baghdad and hit the south-eastern sector of the FIR Damascus.
Iran failed to communicate the potential concern of civilian airspace through the publication of a NOTAM. Other mitigation measures are not known. However, it can be taken for granted that Iran currently is not motivated to intentionally or negligently endanger civil aviation inside and outside its borders, especially since Iran has prominently accompanied the event with media attention and may have been more interested in unintentional third-party involvement to avoid. After all, the operations of the Iranian Missile Forces are strictly centralized and at the same time subject to a structured decision-making process on deployment.
Should Iran continue to be impaired in its security interests, it may come to further missile attacks, even beyond the state borders.

Reference is made to the currently published NOTAMs B1386/18 (FIR Baghdad) and B1366/18 (FIR Damascus).



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