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    5th January 2012

    The European Commission published last month the new Regulation 1332/2011 of 16th December 2011 mandating the upgraded TCAS version 7.1

    This Regulation will affect all aircraft flying through EU airspace with an MTOW above 5700 kg or carrying more than 19 passengers. The forward fit deadline for new aircraft is 1st March 2012 while the deadline for retrofit of aircraft with an airworthiness certificate issue after 1st March 2012 will be 1st December 2015.

    According to the European Commission and Eurocontrol, the reason behind this mandate is the need to solve the safety deficiencies of the existing TCAS logic. According to the new rules there will a possibility to obtain temporary exemptions for aircraft encountering specific difficulties with the mandate on a case by case basis.

    For further details regarding regulation 1332/2011, please contact: info@flightworx.aero

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