Looking For Corporate Jet Chartering?

With passengers slowly returning to the skies following a difficult year sprung from the COVID-19 pandemic, corporate jet charters are becoming a hot topic once again. As business leaders contemplate the best way to safely and efficiently meet with customers and grow their bottom line, chartering a corporate jet provides a unique opportunity to resume safe travel.

However, there are many other benefits to chartering a corporate jet, including increased scheduling flexibility and greater time efficiencies that can make it much easier for any executive team to justify their next business trip.

Safety First

Commercial airlines have responded to the pandemic by touting their strong filters and increased disinfection time, but none have been able to account for the increased risk in sitting next to a stranger who could have the virus.

Thankfully, operating a chartered jet for your corporation can provide peace of mind that everyone onboard are people that you personally know. There is also often greater spacing between seats, reducing the risk of spreading infections.

Control Your Schedule

One of the most important attributes of chartering corporate jets is being able to have more control over the departure time. While a commercial airline cannot flex its schedule to fit one corporation’s needs, a chartered jet can come and go at a time that best works for business leaders. 

And when plans change due to a meeting running late, or you encounter unexpected traffic, corporate travel teams can work with the operator to delay the flight and ensure the entire team is able to get to their next destination. It also helps to have a trusted flight support partner that can actively manage your itinerary 24 hours a day, making sure that issues are taken care of before you head to the airport. 

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Take Back Valuable Time

For anyone that’s travelled for work, you know the painful connection process at a hub airport. Whether your connection is at Heathrow or Charles de Gaulle, connections add hours of unproductive time to any business trip. And when every hour counts, chartering a corporate jet can make the difference.

If properly coordinated, corporate jets can often fly routes directly that commercial airlines do not serve without a connection. In some instances, they can also operate service to alternative airports that are closer to the city centres. For example, rather than having to make the long commute both to and from Heathrow, certain corporate jets can land at either London City or Biggin Hill. 

Bottom Line

With business travel slowly returning, executives are expected to return to travel and doing their part to take care of current customers while acquiring new ones. Whether your travel involves an expected transaction or even simply checking in on a recently launched joint venture, chartering a corporate jet gives you and your team more time to conduct business without the hassle of connections or commercial airline travel delays. Any leadership team would be wise to consider a corporate jet for their upcoming travel plans. 


If you have any questions about flight planning and its complexities, feel free to contact our team today for more information.

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