The HondaJet and the Citation CJ2 are two closely matched and popular, light private jets. The CJ2 edges ahead slightly in range and capacity. It also can operate from shorter runways. However, if it matches what you need, the HondaJet is an equally good choice, with a slightly larger cabin as well.

HondaJet and Citation

HondaJet and Citation are both popular families of business jets. Cessna introduced the Citation family in 1972, and with more than 7,500 aircraft built, it is one of the largest series of any aircraft. Honda started later, launching the HondaJet in 2003. 170 have so far been built, both in standard and ‘Elite’ versions. 

We are comparing two of the closely matched models currently in production for each series – the Hondjet HA-420 and the Citation CJ2 (also known as the M2 series).

Similar Very Light Jets

Both aircraft are great choices in the very light jet category. They are closely matched in range and speed. And both offer the advantages a smaller jet brings in lower operating costs and the ability to operate from smaller airports. 

The main specifications for each aircraft are as follows:

Specifications HondJet HA-420 Citation CJ2
Passenger Capacity 6+1 6+1
Max Range (NM) 1223 1530
Normal Cruise Speed (km/h) 782  743
Take-off distance (ft) 3934 3210
Cabin Size (meters) 3.7 x 1.52 x 1.47 3.35 x 1.47x 1.45
Baggage Capacity (cubic feet) 66 74

Citation CJ2 Ahead for Range and Short-Field Performance

For shorter flights, there is little to choose between them. The HondaJet has a faster cruise speed. It also has a slightly lower hourly operating cost, pushing it ahead if other differences are not important.

The CJ2, though, wins for range, and this is likely to be an essential consideration for many users, especially for multiple trips or repeated hire for future journeys. It also has a shorter take-off distance making it even more flexible in operation at the smallest of airports.

Same Capacity

Both aircraft offer a main cabin capacity of up to six, and both can carry one additional passenger if only one crew member is seated on the flight deck (and the operator permits this). They will, of course, be more comfortable with just 4-5 passengers. The HondaJet, though, has a slightly more spacious cabin. Both cabins have a similarly size cubicle toilet installed, and similar seating options.

Bottom Line

Both the HondaJet HA-420 and Citation CJ2 are very capable small private jets. If you need the extra bit of range, then the CJ2 stands out for that. If that is not so important, there is little to choose between them. There are more Citation jets in circulation, but if you have the option and can source one, the HondaJet is a great-looking aircraft.


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