Complexities Of Air Cargo Services

Carrying goods via aircraft may not be a new phenomenon, but the transportation method continues to play a critical role in keeping the world connected. Whether shipping the latest iPhone from a factory in Guangzhou or transporting doses of the recently approved COVID-19 vaccine from Germany, air cargo enables goods to reach customers in record time. 

Before proceeding with shipping goods via aircraft, it’s important to gain an understanding of the air cargo shipment process as well as review some of the most well regarded air cargo logistics companies across the world. 

The Air Cargo Shipment Process

Regardless of if your company is transporting aircraft engines from Derby or tweed from Scotland, the process of coordinating air cargo shipments follows a similar path. Companies begin by contacting an air cargo logistics provider, also known as a freight forwarder. Oftentimes these providers have years of experience working with cargo carriers, and can provide guidance on the necessary customs declarations, timetables for freight loading and more.

From there, the logistics provider develops the necessary plans to move the goods, including tendering the shipment at the airport. When the shipment arrives at its destination airport, the provider ensures that your product is properly picked up and delivered to your requested customer. This potentially includes working with a local carrier to transport products from the airport to its final destination nearby.

A Wide Array of Logistics Providers

While logistics providers like DHL, Kuehne and Nagel or UPS may be the first options that come to mind, there are hundreds of providers across the globe that can help organizations move goods nearly everywhere. Sometimes the size of a company can help, as while DHL is based in Bonn, Germany, it also maintains 13 offices across the UK ranging from Glasgow to Manchester to meet customers needs.

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Meanwhile, DB Schenker is well known within the EU, and also operates a global team that can help with planning air cargo movement almost anywhere. Nippon Express and Kintetsu World Express, both based in Japan, are well regarded for their ability to manage the movement of products across Asia. For companies that are looking to move products solely within the UK, or simply want a locally-based logistics provider, GBS Freight Services and Spatial Global offer a similar service. 

With countless options to choose from, its critical that each organization carefully evaluates its provider prior to moving forward with air freight shipments. For those that are looking for industry contacts, or needing assistance with developing flight plans, Flightworx has worked with cargo airlines around the globe. This includes having a team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide up-to-date guidance and mitigate any potential disruptions to your shipment. 

Bottom Line

Air cargo services remain the fastest way for most companies to transport their products across the country, or even across the globe. When the need arises, air cargo logistics providers play a critical role in coordinating shipments, including working with you and your team to complete the necessary paperwork and ensure a seamless shipment.


If you have any questions about flight planning and its complexities, feel free to contact our team today for more information.

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