Aviation Fuel Planning Tips

Aviation fuel management is a key skill of any flight planner, whether you are talking about a large commercial passenger jet or a general aviation aircraft. Without proper fuel management, the costs of flying can soon spiral.

Of course, limiting the amount of Jet A1 fuel you use when flying is an important part of managing your costs but that is not all there is to it. Finding zero rated fuel suppliers, or VAT exempt fuel, can also be worthwhile, as can tracking down Jet A1 fuel suppliers who are able to refuel your aircraft with no additional costs.

Thanks to the extensive network around the world of aviation fuel companies that Flightworx works with, we are ideally positioned to help you find cost-effective jet fuel suppliers.

Crucially, we can do so all over the globe and help to ensure your jet fuel cost per litre is as low as possible, regardless of the wider economic conditions. What are the aspect of fuel supply that impact on its ever-shifting market price?

Local Availability

Even if the world market for jet fuel supply is good, you can face increased costs when there are local shortages of aviation fuel. This might occur, for example, if you fly to particularly remote areas of the world where the demand for Jet A1 or Avgas fuel is low. Bear in mind, that this is the case in rural areas of North America as well as certain regions within Africa and Asia.

If the number of aircraft movements at a particular airport is low, then the price of aviation fuel will be higher in some cases. Of course, busy periods can also affect the local jet fuel price, too. For instance, if you head to a city when there is a big cultural or sporting event ongoing, then demand for aviation fuel is likely to rise and you may struggle to track down the type you need.

Fuel Infrastructure

Although many modern European airports have their aviation fuel supplied by pipelines, this is not always the case. In remote parts of the world, fuel may need to be flown in, which means that the price for it will accordingly rise.

Where aviation fuel is delivered by road or railway, the supply should be stable but problems with the local transportation infrastructure can cause delays. If so, then the aviation fuel price will inevitably go up so you may be better sourcing it elsewhere.

Competitive Aviation Fuel Suppliers

When there is plenty of jet fuel around, the price you pay to refuel should drop. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, especially when you are a one-off customer with no previous history in the area. This is where the network of fuel providers we have access to at Flightworx can make all the difference, of course.

Where genuine competition exists, so pricing should be more favourable, especially when there is more than one FBO at the airport you are using. Despite this, additional fees may be applied as ‘hidden’ costs, such as agents charges or local taxes. If you want to ensure you are getting the best jet fuel price possible, then why not turn to us for our expertise?


Want to learn more about current supply levels of certain types of aviation fuels? Contact our team here at Flightworx today to find out more.

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