What is the Indianapolis 500?

The world’s longest-standing annual motor sport event, the 2020 Indianapolis 500 will be 108th time the race has been staged. Along with the Monaco Grand Prix and the 24-hour race at Le Mans, it is considered to be one of the famed Tripled Crowns of motor sport.

Although the race constitutes part of the IndyCar Series, it really stands alone in the racing season for endurance and prestige, marking it out from nearly all other events in the North American motor sport calendar.

The Indy 500 takes place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway racing circuit which is known in affectionate terms as the Brickyard to sports fans. The management team that runs the Speedway circuit never reveal attendance figures for the Indy 500 but it is fair to say that it is one of the most popular annual sporting events the USA has to offer.

Certainly seating capacity at the circuits numerous grandstands is in excess of a quarter of a million before you also take into consideration the various VIP entertainment areas. As such, global aviation trip support can be advisable if your are chartering an aircraft or piloting one yourself for the 2020 Indianapolis 500. What flight planning and aircraft ground handling considerations should you have in mind?

Inbound Flights for the 2020 Indianapolis 500

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway circuit differs from many other purpose-built racing tracks around the world insofar as it is situated in a residential area, not far from downtown Indianapolis. Indianapolis International Airport (KIND/IND) is the largest and closest airfield in the vicinity of the circuit and, consequently, one of the busiest places you could choose to land during the race weekend.

The Indy 500 always falls on the weekend of Memorial Day, the last one in May. Given that this is already a peak time for leisure travel in the United States, advance flight planning is essential.

Indianapolis International Airport offers numerous passenger airline and cargo services as well as IFR and VFR approaches. Whether you are looking for private jet parking or aircraft ground handling agents over the race weekend, it is advisable to turn to the expertise of Flightworx to help out and make sure you are not disappointed on arrival, especially if there will be a number of VIP passengers onboard.

Trip Support to Other Airfields

Despite the convenience of Indianapolis International Airport, flight planners have other options for the 2020 Indianapolis 500 if parking is not available here. For example, it is possible to reposition to, and arrange onward transportation from, Boone County Airport (KHRO/HRO) to the circuit. It takes about half an hour via Interstate-65.

To the north of Indianapolis is Westfield Airport which has the FAA location identifier I72. A general aviation airport with a relatively short turf runway, it is better suited to those operating smaller aircraft looking for somewhere quieter and cheaper to park.

Given the size of these airfields, and that ground handling management is minimal at both, planning in advance is advisable to ensure you don’t miss out. Slightly further afield, but larger, is Shelbyville Municipal Airport (KGEZ/GEZ). This is a good option for those who have already cleared customs and are in need of aircraft parking for the event. Onward travel by road to the circuit would take about 45 minutes.

Indy 500 – 2020

Event Date:

May 22 – 25, 2020

Event Location

4790 West 16th Street,
IN 46222

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