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What is the Australian Open?

The Australian Open is one of the country’s most important sporting events on the global stage. It draws all of the best tennis stars in men’s, women’s and doubles with a consequently high number of attendees who understandably expect the best. The 2020 Australian Open will take place between January 20th and February 2nd with tickets on sale well before the event begins. 

The Grand Slam tournament is one of the first major sporting events of any in the calendar year, something that makes it popular with a worldwide audience, whether they are devotees of tennis or not. In 2019, the Australian Open attracted a record number of attendees at 780,000, smashing the previous high. Few expect the 2020 iteration to be any less well attended which means one thing for anyone seeking aviation flight support – plan early!

Even without a major sporting event in the city, Melbourne Airport (YMML/MEL) is the second-busiest in the country. Although officially named Melbourne Airport, it is often referred to locally as Tullamarine Airport so any flight planners requesting ground handling services there should not get confused if they hear both names being used.

Aviation Flight Planning for the 2020 Australian Open

At Flightworx, our extensive know how will help with a wide range of solutions for your flight support needs. Although it is advisable to plan as far in advance to ensure parking is available for the duration of your stay, we appreciate that this is not always possible when you are already working under late notice.

Of course, Melbourne’s airports all come under greater strain from flight planners during a busy period, like the Open. That said, it is usual that, as superior flight planning service providers, we can take the hassle out of coordinating your required services for you even during peak times.

Airfields Serving the 2020 Event

When it comes to professional flight planning services, it is crucial that additional options are available if your first choice is not. In terms of airports, this may mean looking to one of Melbourne’s lesser-known airports during the Open.

After all, in addition to Melbourne Airport, the wider area surrounding Melbourne is served by Essendon Fields Airport (YMEN/MEB) which is an airport of entry and therefore a viable alternative.

If parking is not available in these locations, or ground time is restricted, you could operate into either airfield to drop off passengers and/or clear customs before repositioning to Avalon Airport (YMAV/AVV), Stawell Airport (YSWL/SWC) or Bairnsdale Airport (YBNS/BSJ). Those in need of AVGAS won’t find any in Avalon so we recommend either of the other two and, for those who are repositioning, you might be pleased to know that handling in these three locations is not mandatory.

With the assistance of our in house travel agency, Travelworx, you can make the necessary arrangements for onward transportation ensuring you reach the event in a timely manner.

Ground Handling Agent Directing Plane

Ground Handling Services in Melbourne

Although finding parking at Melbourne may be your priority during the tennis tournament, you should not overlook the importance of adequate ground handling services either.

Depending on your exact requirements, airport ground handling may be even trickier to arrange at short notice during the Open. This is where the expertise of Flightworx really comes into its own – by matching your particular requirements to the aircraft ground services available.

Australian Open – 2020

Event Date:

Jan 20 – Feb 2, 2020

Event Location

Melbourne Park,
Melbourne VIC 3001,

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