When is Paralympics 2020?

The 2020 XVI Summer Paralympics, scheduled from 25 th August to 6 th September, will mark the second time Tokyo hosting the games; the first one taking place back in 1964.

It is refreshing to see that the hype hasn’t died down since then, but boosted athletes and fans from all over the world to take part in one of the biggest games happening this year!

The self-styled Paralympics games have invited numerous athletes with disabilities to have a number of opportunities to participate in 540 events embracing a whole set of 22 sports.

With its own kind of twist each year, the 2020 Paralympic program this time introduces para-badminton and para-taekwondo replacing a 7-a-side football and para-sailing sports.

paralympics program

To cater to the publicity of these 2020 games, the Japanese summer has its calendar occupied for its professed test events, with Wheelchair Rugby in March; April dedicated to Swimming; and May engaged in Athletics.

Such that, the summertime and the period of multi-sports event itself is prone to be extremely busy in Tokyo with travellers and players vouching to get their hands on any insight to the games or test events, possible; demanding all hands from airport ground services to secure and accommodate the demand coming from anywhere around the globe.

It is safe to say that Tokyo has always been one of the busiest cities across the world, putting a strain on its airport infrastructure to modernise its facilities. In conjunction with the grand 2020 games just around the corner, any assistance in terms of international flight support, aircraft ground handling, and flight planning are likely to be inestimable due to the increasing burden on the airport infrastructure.

Fortunately, Flightworx, with the support of Travelworx has it all covered by specialising in providing valuable assistance with onward travel and accommodation arrangements available on an instant basis.

Flightworx knows that at the peak time, amid the Paralympics, the airport ground services may not be as straightforward as usual, and have tips to avoid the hassle of not getting aviation security on time.

Such as, taking the route of Chōfu Airport (RJTF), which is situated in the western part of Tokyo, is a wise option for airlines to dodge the busy, and long-waiting hours of the two airports. The airport is ideal for serving the 2020 Paralympic Games, as it is only used by Japanese budget airlines and cargo accounting for an average of 15,000 aircraft movements annually.


    Paralympics 2020

    Event Date:

    August 25 – September 6, 2020

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