Business Aviation Guide: Maldives

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Often referred to as “paradise on earth,” tourists around the world flock to the Maldives
each year. Set as a group of atolls in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is
known for its beautiful beaches bathed by blue waters along with its premium resorts,
making it the perfect destination for anyone who wants to enjoy a premium experience
surrounded by the beauties of nature.

A premium touristic trip to the Maldives requires the aid of top-notch business aviation;
in this sense, counting on the assistance of a flight planning services provider is
incredibly helpful, especially considering that moving around the islands is much
quicker by air.

Arriving in the Maldives

Even though there are other international airports in other islands, the most convenient
way to arrive in the Maldives is by its capital, Male, located on the Hulhulé Island.
Velana International Airport (VRMM/MLE) may not be large, but it has a great structure
in place for business aviation.

The terminal is served by two fixed-base operators (FBO); one, “Get Into Maldives”, is
local. The second one is Universal Aviation, which also offers customs and immigration
services, alongside a lounge available prior to your flight taking off.

Velana International offers a single runway of 3,200m (10,499ft) alongside sufficient
parking space for private aviation. And while operations are based in the terminal to the
west of the runway, seaplane flights are conducted on the opposite side.

Flying Around the Maldives

While many of the touristic activities are conducted in and around Male, you surely will
want to further explore the beauties of the different atolls. And given how spread out
some of the islands are, boats may not be the best option to move around the

While there are a handful of airports with asphalted runways, most of the resort islands
can only be served by seaplanes, which means you will have to charter your flight in
advance. Indeed, water air operations are such an important trait of flying in the
Maldives that Trans Maldivian Airlines, one of the country’s carriers, claims to have the
world’s “largest seaplane fleet.”

Whichever resorts or islands you choose before visiting the Maldives, Flightworx can
not only resolve the flight chartering for you. The company also has its own concierge
service, Travelworx, which coordinates all steps of your trip even after your flights, so
you can better use your time working on what you need and less worrying about your
long-awaited travel.

Bottom Line

The Maldives are a spectacle of nature not to be missed. And while the country is small
in population, it more than makes up for it in its beautiful beaches, views and activities.
Thankfully, options exist for business aviation travelers to navigate this chain of atolls in
the middle of the Indian Ocean. Whether you are planning a honeymoon to Waldorf
Astoria in Ithaafushi or a business conference at the Ayada Maldives, you can count on
the trip being one you’ll remember for a lifetime.


Feel free to contact our team here at Flightworx today for advice on flight planning and aviation fuel supply.

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