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Aircraft Operations in Australia: Fuel, Additional Services and Security

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Australia may have been established as a penal colony by the British in 1788, but it has
since developed into a critical business market as well as a popular tourist destination.
Despite its distance from the largest economic hubs of the world, the country shows a
growing importance each year fueled by increasing economic development.

For those wanting to travel both to and from Australia, it’s no secret there is a
significant distance to fly. For many executive or business jets, that may mean one or
more fuel stops along the way if coming from Europe or the Americas. Therefore, it’s
critical those looking to conduct business travel to Australia consider several
challenges including fuel, security and other service requirements before taking off. For
those looking to take a back seat to planning and focus more on the destination, flight
planning companies like Flightworx can provide 24/7 assistance for your trip to Australia.


Fuel remains a big cost center for any aircraft operator, and given Australia’s proximity
to other nations, it becomes all the more important. Thankfully, fuel charges and
taxation are similar to many other parts of the world in that fees are indirect (excise
taxation), built-in at the pricing of the supplier.

While it is important to determine the cost of fuel when traveling to Australia, it is also
important to consider whether or not you will be visiting numerous cities across the
continent. For example, a flight from Perth on the west coast to Sydney on the east
coast is blocked at over four hours for a commercial aircraft. This is where fuel price
databases come in handy, as you can determine the most cost-effective way to fuel up
before taking intra-continental trips.

Migrations and Security

Before arriving in Australia, it’s also important to determine if you will require a visa to
enter the country. For many individuals that are not citizens of New Zealand or many
European countries, a visa may be required.
Besides that, airport security in Australia obeys the highest international standards and
is therefore well regarded. For those that would prefer to avoid the security lines, local
airport FBO’s can arrange the necessary services.

Additional Services

Whether you arrive to Australia through a city on the West Coast like Darwin or Perth
or through a city on the East Coast like Brisbane, Cairns, Sydney or Melbourne,
Australia is well covered when it comes to arrival services. All of these cities have
available fixed-base operators (FBOs), which can assist you upon your arrival, transit
or departure.

Global FBO company Jet Aviation, for instance, has bases in all of these cities with the
exception of Melbourne. As an added benefit to utilizing the FBO, you can make all
your customs and migrations process, as well as your boarding, with an enhanced level
of privacy.

Bottom Line

Australia may be far away from many places, but that doesn’t mean coordinating
business aviation is as challenging as it may seem. A good network of quality FBOs
and simple visa obtaining process make the trip a lot easier.

To avoid potential hiccups, however, or if you’d prefer to just focus on your trip to the
“land down under,” you can opt to utilize a flight planning company like Flightworx.


Feel free to contact our team here at Flightworx today for advice on flight planning and aviation fuel supply.

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