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The UEFA Champions League Final will be the highlight of the sporting calendar for many football enthusiasts not just in Europe but across the globe. Slated to be held on May 30, 2020, the event will take place at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey.

It is the country’s largest stadium, the home of Turkish national team. It famously hosted UEFA Champions League Final, 2005, which Liverpool won on a penalty shootout. Thus, Liverpool has an extra incentive this year to repeat history and defend their title.

Considering the buzz and excitement this event has managed to create amongst its devotees already, there is no doubt that it will be a complete ‘sell-out’ affair.

Bearing in mind that, as well as the fact that the Atatürk Olympic Stadium holds a capacity of more than seventy thousand persons, there is no doubt that many of these devoted fans would be needing flight assistance to make sure they do not miss out on one of the most anticipated sports events of 2020.

Luckily for such people, Flightworx Aviation is offering incredible flight services at an equally incredible rate. Whether you need trip support for an airliner client or are looking for specialist flight support for a VIP trip to coincide with the final, Flightworx has the know-how to help you find everything you need on time, from TCO permits to local Avgas aviation fuel suppliers.

With several years of hard work and experience in the aviation industry at hand, Flightworx has managed to establish a reputation for being extremely reliable and efficient when it comes to providing flight planning.

Therefore, along with many other events that are scheduled to take place next year, Flightworx has also devised solutions for people that are eager to attend the UEFA Champions League Final but do not have sufficient knowledge or experience in how to go about it.

The extensive flight planning provided by Flightworx will comprise of everything, be it flight management or route planning. Moreover, the highly experienced flight planning specialists of the company will be working around the clock to ensure that you reach your destination within the desired time without any trouble.

A tip for pilots and flight planners: Istanbul Atatürk Airport is one of the best-known air hubs that serve the city. Although it is closed for commercial flights, it still is a good choice for business flights and general aviation.


    UEFA Champions League

    Event Date:

    May 30 – , 2020

    Event Location

    Ziya Gökalp Mah
    Olimpiyat Stadı Yolu No:1
    34490 İkitelli

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