What is Royal Ascot?

Arguably the pinnacle of British horse racing, the Royal Ascot remains one of the most important sporting events of the summer in the United Kingdom.

From the royal procession of carriages led by the Queen to the multitude of beautiful hats filling the grandstands and to the brilliant, sheer horse competition, this is an event not to be missed.

For the lucky few that are able to attend the event, planning private travel in advance is highly recommended. Thankfully, there are a number of factors that can be considered in advance to ensure a great trip. 

Traveling to London

To anyone who has previously traveled to London, the default option has often been London Heathrow. As the nearest airport to Ascot Racecourse, it certainly would make sense for those traveling given that it is a mere 12-mile drive away.

Despite the very convenient location and its high-profile fixed-base operator (FBO) facilities, the airport’s fees make it extremely expensive to operate there. In addition, Heathrow is well-known for its slot restrictions, which can cause unexpected delays. 

To address these issues and avoid the ever-growing bureaucracies, there are flight planning tools that can be leveraged, such as Flightworx. In addition to coordinating ground services, service providers like Flightworx are able to work around the clock to obtain overflying permits, slot availability and even deal with fuel suppliers.

This means you and your team can spend less time on the phone coordinating, and more time focusing on your business or planning out your time on the ground in the United Kingdom.

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Other Airport Options

Outside of London Heathrow, there are a number of other airports that can be considered due to their lower costs and close proximity including Blackbush and Biggin Hill. Blackbush Airport (BBS) is a mere 13.9 miles from the venue, which means a road trip of less than 30 minutes in normal conditions.

The airport management itself provides the FBO service, including concierge service for hotels and ground transportation requests. These features can come in handy for those looking to make the most of the time on the ground in London. 

If you still want to stay in London during the days of event, either for business meetings or visiting the touristic attractions of the city, the best executive airfield option apart from Heathrow is Biggin Hill Airport (BQH).

The airport combines both the fact of being in London with being as near as possible to Ascot, located less than an hour-drive away from the event.

Preparing for the Event in 2020

With the next Royal Ascot less than six months away and the event highly anticipated by horse racing fans and visitors alike, planning the trip in advance can help you make sure you make the most of your time in London.

Whatever the passenger travel preferences include landing in a quieter, nearer airport, or landing in the economic hub of the European continent in order to spend time in London, these tools are a definite must for passengers.   


    Royal Ascot 2020

    Event Date:

    June 16 – 20, 2020

    Event Location

    Ascot Racecourse
    High St
    SL5 7JX

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