FS 640700
FS 640700

Overflight And Landing Permits

Flightworx has a dedicated Permissions Department.   Our main aim is to secure landing and overflight permits faster, whilst minimising costs for our customers.

To ensure a smooth operation, we go direct to the relevant CAA authority wherever possible, to ensure all landing and overflight permissions are secured in the most time effective and costs effective way.  We cater for all types of operation from the private owners who may just need the odd permit, right the way up to commercial operations who may require block permits.  We can also assist with special permissions and permits to fly.

At all times, we will keep you updated of the permit application.  You will receive daily updates of your permit requests right until the day of operation, allowing you to have clear oversight of how your trip is progressing, and ensuring you to stay in control. 

Our service can be tailored specifically to your requirements.

Contact us with your permission query today:   info@flightworx.aero




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