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Flight Planning

Flight planning is important, no matter what destination you’re looking to go to. Here at Flightworx Aviation, we offer international flight planning which helps to ensure that you land at your destination in the best time possible. Our aviation flight planning services will take into consideration destination, alternate extended twin engine operations (ETOPS) and equal-time-point (ETP). Our specialist flight support services are not only designed to get you to your destination in the quickest time possible, they are also designed to help make a flight less tedious, while improving fuel efficiency with more direct routes and ensure that you have adequate reserves. We will help to plan any stop overs, and ensure that safety is a primary concern for your flight – taking into consideration airport weather and geo-political implications of various flight spaces.

Our international flight planning provides you with over 400 individual flight plan formats based on you and your aircraft’s individual needs and specifications. Whether you’re considering a long distance flight or a domestic flight, our aviation flight planning services should be your first choice when it comes to your route. Our Services includes:

  • Destination, alternate ETOPS, and Equal-Time-Point (ETP) airport weather considerations
  • Preferred routing schemes; flight levels; RNP, MNPS, and RVSM airspace; geo-political implications; navigation and communications requirements
  • Graphical presentation of routings plotted on weather charts
  • Flight plan filing procedures for each country in the world
  • European routing schemes, airway slots, and flight plan filing service
  • RAD-compliant best winds routings
  • Pilots can also receive a 24-hour preliminary review of routings, en-route times, and weather.


Specialist Flight Support Services

At Flightworx Aviation, our specialised flight support services can provide you with a number of preferred routing schemes, which takes into account flight levels, required navigation performance (RNP), minimum navigation performance specifications (MNPS) and reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) airspace if you require. On top of this, we also ensure that we input any navigation and communications requirements to ensure that your flight goes as smoothly as possible.

Weather is one of the main reasons as to why a flight can be disrupted or delayed, and our specialist flight support services include a graphical presentation of routings which are then plotted on weather charts in order to help the pilot to accurately predict any adverse weather conditions that could affect their flight. We offer specialist flight support services and flight plan filing procedures for each and every country in the world. Our aviation flight planning services can optimise the entire flight planning process, and accounts for fuel consumption optimisation, weather, NOTAMS and any potential delays. All of the routes that we include in our international flight planning help to save you both time and money.

Our aviation flight planning services are all you need to operate from A-B-C smoothly and efficiently. When you choose our international flight planning services, you can ensure that you will receive rapid response planning and coordination 24/7, 365 days a year.

For more information regarding our aviation flight planning services, or for a free no obligation quotation and further advice, contact us now on 0845 5212 840.

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