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Europe ATC Strikes

    22nd January 2014

    Two separate unions have called for strikes on 29Jan and 30Jan. ATCEUC has called for strike action in responce to dissatisfaction with new Performance Requirements for ATCO's, with an action day on 29Jan. The ETF (European Transport Federation) has called for a strike on 30Jan. Many countries are affected.

    China Due to the Chinese New Year Celebrations, all regulatory offices will be closed from 31JAN until 06FEB. During this time, permits and air traffic rights requirements will not be processed. Ensure that applications for this period, or the week after, are submitted well in advance.

    URSS/Sochi Starting from 20JAN, including period of XXII Winter Olympic Games and XI Winter Paralympic Games 2014, airlines are obliged to send the passenger manifest with exact Name, Surname, Passport number and series, or other ID, Ticket number, 24 hours prior to departure and no less then 4 hours prior to departure - passenger manifest changes, when operating to Sochi International airport (IATA code-AER). Information should be sent to the following e-mails: Checkin_DIsp@aer.basel.aero, Chief_smena_SAB@aer.basel.aero. See NOTAM A3075, A4018.

    LFMN/Nice Changes to procedures for crew members. Previously crew members could enter and leave Nice without passport control; systematic controls will now take place when arriving and departing LFMN (from/to NON Schengen countries). Passport controls for passengers entering and departing LFMN will remain as always (from/to NON Schengen countries). A complete manifest for passengers will now be required for all departures to Schengen countries to be filed by the Immigration Authorities.

    Bolivia The permitting process for Bolivia is becoming stricter, with delays in issuing permits more common than before. Both landing and overflight permits are required for operations to or overflying Bolivia for private non-revenue and charter (non-scheduled commercial) operations. Permits are processed by Bolivia’s Direccion General de Aeronautica Civil (DGAC) during normal operating hours: Monday-Friday, 0830-1630 local. Documentation requirements are the same for private non-revenue and charter flights.

    India Crews operating Ferry Flights and General Aviation crews can once again secure visas or TLP's (Temporary Landing Permits) on arrival into Indian airports. In addition, Indian missions and posts abroad have been authorized to grant business visas to crew of private non-revenue and charter flights within three days of the visa application. These visas will be endorsed on their national passport and not on the crew member certificate. These visa processing times also do not apply to crew who are nationals of a PRC country. Visas for these crew members could take as many as 30 days.

    Russia New requirements for API and PNR data for Airlines operating both scheduled and non-scheduled flights in effect 01DEC. API data should be transmitted 15 mins prior departure to SITA MOWRU8X. NOTAM A2345/13 and AIC 04/13.


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