Fuelworx and Orbis UK have come together to create an innovative fundraising product to connect Fuelworx clients to the work of the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital.

Fuelworx and Orbis Partnership

Orbis and Fuelworx began working together in March 2017 after Fuelworx was selected as one of Orbis’s five tender fuel companies. Between March 2017 and December 2017, the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital was fuelled eight times with Fuelworx. This relationship continued in 2018 with Fuelworx being selected six times to fuel the aircraft.

Who are orbis?

Orbis is an international eye care charity that prevents and treats avoidable blindness and visual impairment.

Of the 253 million people in the world who are blind or visually impaired, 75% have conditions that are preventable or treatable. Orbis screens for and treats eye conditions, raises awareness about eye health, and trains and mentors local eye care teams in     Africa, Asia and Latin America, where most of those people live.

The charity does this through thier long-term programmes as well as on the Orbis Flying Eye  Hospital, a state-of-the-art ophthalmic teaching  hospital on board a customised aircraft.

How do Orbis programmes work?

Orbis’s long-term programmes provide specialist training, support and equipment for local doctors, nurses and wider eye care teams. They carry out screening and treatments, support the distribution of antibiotics, and work to improve referrals from rural clinics to partner hospitals. By developing and       delivering a variety of initiatives, including film screenings and radio broadcasts, Orbis raises vital awareness about the importance of eye health,   helping to direct people struggling with vision loss to the services they need.

The charity also provide specialist ophthalmic training on board the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital, in partnership with local hospitals and via Cybersight, their award-winning online training and mentorship platform for eye care professionals around the world.


What is the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital?

On the outside it may look like any other aircraft, but inside, it’s like no other. The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital is a state-of-the-art ophthalmic teaching hospital on board a customised MD-10 aircraft. It is a fully-integrated training facility, with an operating    theatre, recovery room, and audio-visual equipment that transmits live surgeries to a 46-seat classroom at the front of the plane—in 3D! This helps the     doctors watching in the classroom to gauge depth perception.

The Flying Eye Hospital can also broadcast live lectures and surgeries via Cybersight – providing a valuable training resource for eye care professionals wherever they need it. Every year, the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital visits countries around the world,    partnering with local hospitals to deliver specialist training through their medical volunteers, carry out treatments, and raise awareness about eye health.


The suspended fuel programme

Launched on World Sight Day 2019, Fuelworx and Orbis UK have come together to create an innovative fundraising product to connect Fuelworx clients to the work of the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital. For every customer who uses Fuelworx to re-fuel, they will be given the option to donate to Orbis as part of their transaction. While the individual can donate any amount, they will be given some example donation values which can help to fuel the plane in a multitude of ways.


The Flying Eye Hospital has two vital aviation fuel based generators—with a capacity of 60 US gallons—which power the hospital, classroom and support equipment.

Running for approximately 10 hours per day whilst patients are treated and medical teams are trained, Fuleworx customers could play an important role in keeping these generators working in order to restore sight and upskill professionals.

$20 of suspended fuel could run the hospital for one hour OR the classroom and support equipment

$100 of suspended fuel could run the two generators for ½ day supporting the hospital, chillers, med-gas unit, aircraft power and classroom

$200 of suspended fuel could run both of the generators for one day

$1000 of suspended fuel could run the Flying Eye Hospital for one week of programmes

Each procedure on board the plane takes longer to undertake than standard operations as teaching is a key part of Orbis’s work. Orbis medical volunteers share their knowledge with local medical teams, working together to ensure that more people with blinding conditions can be treated within the  community in the long term.

In one week aboard the plane, approximately 20   patients will be operated upon, 10 will receive laser surgery and eight doctors, 12 nurses, 12 engineers and four anesthetists will receive hands on training. This does not include the additional amazing work taking place within the partner local hospital.


If you have a fuelworx portal account follow the guide below. If not click this link to register for an account

Firstly log in to the fuel portal

When you place a fuel release through the portal you will have to option to make  a donation to Orbis like the below:

You will then have the option to select a fixed amount or choose your own, alternatively you can chose to donate a fee per USG to be uplifted.