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Main Services

An overview of the aeronautical management services we provide.

Flight Planning

Fuel efficiency, best time to destination, adequate reserves, and safety are your primary considerations when it comes to flight planning. Flightworx Aviation offers over 400 individual flight plan formats based on your needs and specifications, as well as:

  • Destination, alternate ETOPS, and Equal-Time-Point (ETP) airport weather considerations
  • Preferred routing schemes; flight levels; RNP, MNPS, and RVSM airspace; geo-political implications; navigation and communications requirements
  • Graphical presentation of routings plotted on weather charts
  • Flight plan filing procedures for each country in the world
  • European routing schemes, airway slots, and flight plan filing service
  • RAD-compliant best winds routings
  • Pilots can also receive a 24-hour preliminary review of routings, en-route times, and weather.

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Overflight And Landing Permits

Save time and avoid rerouting when you fly through another country’s airspace by arranging overflight and landing permits through Flightworx Aviation Ltd prior to departure. Our experts will ensure that you have the permissions you need to fly at ease without the worry of changing routes.

  • We arrange our permissions in house – saving costs for our customer.
  • All our permissions are fixed in price
  • The price we quote is the price you pay – no hidden charges, admin fee or third party element

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Why choose us?

  • 100% independent company, we get you the best deal, not the suppliers.
  • We shop with all suppliers from the big suppliers down to the small local suppliers.
  • Decades of experience within business aviation.
  • Able to deal with anything from the smallest aircraft to the largest jet.
  • Concise and clear prices at any location.
  • Fees and taxes as informed by the suppliers.
  • Advice on fuelling strategies with regards to fees / taxes etc.

Flightworx Fuel Service Packages

Fuel is a commodity that everyone needs at some stage in their trip, we are here to make sure that you get the very best price for that fuel. We will shop on your behalf not only going to the big players in the industry but also the small local guys at any destination and advise you which fueller to use.

At Flightworx we can also offer fuel credit as we may be able to get a better price for you with our accounts, this will always be offered to you as an option.

We offer the following packages for our customers:
Ad-hoc - For the operator that doesn’t fly often but wants the very best prices when they do.
Basic - This is for the operator with 1 - 3 aircraft.
Enhanced - Clients with 3 - 8 aircraft.
Full - Clients with over 8 aircraft in their fleet.

Tendering Options

We can take care of your fuelling needs with tender shopping for you. After collating all of the information given by the fuel companies you will be informed of the best accounts to use at a given location. Most of the prices will be PLATTS linked so you always know what you will pay. Charges for tendering will vary with how many locations you wish to use.

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Ferry Flight And Delivery Specialists

Flightworx will assist you to move your aircraft in full or in part.

We have the knowledge and expertise to operate unusual aircraft to unusual locations.

Specialising in special permit to fly approvals, special airworthiness operations and general adhoc nature flight programs we create a fixed cost budget for you to accurately perform for you and your customer.

Using our unique pricing structures we deliver a clear delivery budget to help you avoid credit pitfalls and we offer you seamless supply.

Tap into us to become part of a bigger network chain - Hundreds of ferry delivery crews and new owners have depended on our expertise and we know how to look after you.

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Commercial Ops and Private Management

Flightworx have the knowledge and tools to deliver an honest and clear network management solution for your commercial operation.

Flightworx also deliver a full private aircraft management solution to assist in compliance and the safe operation of your asset.

       1. We can provide you with the following for a Commercial Operation;

  • 24/7 crewing support solutions, ‘day to day’ crew allocations to aircraft and dealing with ad hoc crew issues, as and when they arise, as per requirements detailed in your operations manuals and company FTL scheme.
  • Crew rostering; a service which will provide your flight crew with a published roster which meets AOC regulations.
  • Disruption management; viable and proactive solutions to maintain daily flying schedules. Dealing with ad hoc issues as and when they arise, to minimise passenger disruption.
  • 24/7 in-house dispatch service to ISO and EASA standard
  • Online Management software solutions
  • Concierge services; booking ground handling services, crew/passenger hotels, transport and catering via our ATOL protected Travelworx agency.
  • Disruption management and fleet allocation
  • Crew training scheduling
  • Overall advisory and manning support to new, frozen or startup AOC companies

      2. We can provide you with the following for a Private Operation:

  • Full suite of regulation compliant manuals, SMS and ongoing audit service
  • Post holder allocation
  • Maintenance scheduling and management service
  • Clear and concise accounting for all aircraft costs
  • 24/7 in-house dispatch service to ISO and EASA standard
  • Online Management software solution
  • Storage and hangarage at your home-base of choice
  • Crewing, crew training and planning
  • Lease opportunities, aquisition and delivery
  • Registration, tax and finance advice
  • Insurance options
  • Fuel shopping service
  • Cost saving benefits and efficiency schemes, fixed cost monthly fees
  • Concierge services; booking ground handling services, crew/passenger hotels, transport and catering via our ATOL protected Travelworx agency.

Have your asset managed fully or in part. We can create an overall profiled, clear plan to make sure you operate the aircraft to its maximum efficiency on cost and safety.

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Business Travel

Travelworx is a subsidiary of Flightworx Aviation Ltd formed in 2008 and a specialist in flight support services to the Corporate and Commercial aviation industry.

With a combined experience of the Aviation industry totalling 25 years, the team at Travelworx are used to the busy, changeable world of corporate travel; infinite schedule changes, last minute requests from passengers, last minute cancellations, there is no scenario our team haven’t been faced with. Which makes Travelworx your ‘go to’ company for full travel support solutions.

Travel solutions exclusively for business personnel and crew. Giving you access to highly competitive trade rates and assistance with;

  • Crew/Passenger hotels
  • Catering
  • Transport
  • Visas
  • Crew ticketing
  • Crew training and scheduling 



Thinking about that dream holiday but don’t know where to start, wanting to book that holiday of a lifetime but don’t have the time…

Our ATOL protected travel specialists gives you peace of mind. We can service your leisure travel needs offering access to some spectacular savings, Worldwide.


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