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Don't take our word for it...

As a private pilot, I have regularly engaged the services of Flightworx over more than 3 years to organise the international flight planning, weather information, overflight and landing permits, handling and parking of my Citation.

During this time I have found the service to be impeccably thorough, reliable and consistent. 

I am always impressed by the policy of immediate acknowledgement of my email requests with a note that my instructions have been well received and will be responded to forthwith. This can be especially important when travelling abroad because of the inevitable periods without access to reliable email.  If I need to make mid-trip changes, I can confidently depart with the certainty that Flightworx has my request, and on arrival I know that I will have their response.

Their reaction times are impressive, even when last minute plan changes require the amendment of series of arrangements across multiple countries and time zones.  The pilot briefing paperwork is always well presented and delivered on time.  Flightworx engages with an extensive worldwide network of FBOs who are always well coordinated and informed of my requests.  

I also compliment the way Flightworx staff manage the transfer of active information across shifts, as each time I call or email the office the staff are well briefed and up to date.  Their response is always well considered, polite and professional.

Flightworx has also provided excellent situational information and advice at times which may be outside their brief and this has also proven to be very helpful.

I recommend the services of Flightworx for any international general aviation activity, whether for business or for pleasure.



Carlo Vaccari - Private Pilot

As a small operator holding a Worldwide AOC, Finesse Executive benefits from Flightworx’ ability to offer a pro-active and high-quality service (often at short notice) without the costs of resourcing our own dedicated 24/7 Ops team.

As Operations Manager of Finesse Executive, I have full confidence that any communications from either myself or any of our crew will be dealt with immediately and with a “right-first-time” attitude.  They have a friendly but focussed attitude to all communications and work, and demonstrate on a regular basis that they really “know” the business of Finesse Executive.

Additionally, they have a real open-door policy throughout their whole management structure; any questions or queries will be addressed 24/7 by the relevant department.

In the 12 Months in which I have had direct dealings with Flightworx (completing over 150 trips), we have not failed to complete a single flight due to any shortcomings on their part; no mean feat in the minefield of Worldwide VIP Operations.  All of this whilst offering competitive prices backed up by the all-important clarity of costs at all times.

Steve Finch - Operations Manager - Finesse Executive

When I began planning a two-year circumnavigation I realised that global flight support would be vital. Our planned route would take us in to and over many developing countries where communications and flight planning are challenging and would also include operations in all environments including off airport landings. I spoke to numerous providers, but always felt that we would be just another aircraft, a tail number on a whiteboard. Then I spoke to Flightworx. I was immediately impressed by the personal attention and enthusiasm of the whole team. Since commencing the trip, Flightworx have been there every step of the way, always ready to deal with the unexpected and most importantly, flexible enough to change the plan, often with very little notice. Flightworx help to take much of the stress out of flight planning and ensure that everything is in place to make the flight go smoothly. This means that the focus is on flying the aircraft, that my passengers arrive on time and most importantly that flight safety is increased. With Flightworx, I know that my own personal Flight Ops Department is just a phone call or email away!

Mark Samson - Chief Pilot - Aman Travel Ltd.

Flightworx provided detailed and accurate flight plans, especially in regards to fuel planning and wind/weather analysis.

We were tasked to fly some difficult sectors, over water and long distances to remote places, however after the number of helpful conversations with the Flightworx Operations team; the detail the flight support package came with was excellent, and aided in a safe and successful outcome.

In all cases during the trip, we were very happy with the support we received, not only does this ensure that we choose Flightworx for our next trip, but we will also recommend your service to other operators.

Brenton Skinn - Operations Manager - Shortstop Jet Charter

Flightworx give me an efficient, friendly and value for money 24/7 ops centre when I need it and leaves me with nothing to pay when I don't. When it comes to overflight permits, landing rights, temporary imports or a myriad of other paperwork tasks I know I can trust Flightworx to keep things running smoothly leaving me to concentrate on the flying

Tom Vaughan - Alpine Aero

Last week I flew a Cessna Conquest from Booker to Dallas via Wick - Reykyavik - Narsasuaq - St John's NF - Halifax NS - Portland ME- Clermont OH - Memphis TN on a delivery flight to its new owners. With the weather enroute it was somewhat demanding. I cannot commend highly enough the back up, and attention to detail, I received from Flightworx and Steve Barker in particular. The aircraft, and new owners, constantly threw curved balls but nothing phased Flightworx at all. I am a bit green in this area of ops and felt very warm and fuzzy with the level of support that was given to N425DR and its crew. Flightworx is a truly excellent company with old fashioned very high standards of customer care. They will be my first port of call for future trips and I will unashamedly promote them to friends and colleagues.

Alan Walker - Pilot

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